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This is my condition…

You kinda get to that point in life where everything is just a routine and that’s what my work days are like. But today, my routine is all out of whack. Continue reading “This is my condition…”


Day 10

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This year has had a bit of a rough start. Nothing bad has happened, but I feel like I’m living in my brain and my emotions more than I need to. I’m happy and then I’m sad. I’m content and then I’m frustrated. I’m full and then I’m hangry. And this is all within a few minutes! Maybe the thing that’s off is that I haven’t summarized my resolutions, which I try to do most years. So here goes: Continue reading “Day 10”

The List


A while back I started a list on my phone of all the musical acts I’ve seen live (many more than once, and many missing because I just don’t remember). As I travel for work, sitting on planes, in Lyfts & Ubers, I kill time by adding to this list. So here it is, sorted alphabetically (everything I can remember as of November 30, 2017):

*me & Caithlin from Rainer Maria many, many, many years ago. P.S. It’s weird when your musical icons transition into being your friends.  Continue reading “The List”


Pre-New Year’s Resolution

Yesterday, I had this brilliant idea…I should start a blog…again! I sort of forgot that this blog was still in existence, but here it is. So rather than starting a new blog – I’m just going to continue the adventure here.

Life’s been really weird lately. Continue reading “Pre-New Year’s Resolution”


Being an ADULT is hard

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I feel like no one ever truly prepares you for how hard being a grown up is. Continue reading “Being an ADULT is hard”


Side 1s, Track 1s

High Fidelity has been in my Top 5 movies since I first saw it. I watch it annually, and usually more frequent than that. The soundtrack is a staple in my life, as are the many amazing quotes that litter my existence. While I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a music snob (read: what I listen to is better than anything you’ll ever listen to), I know I’ve never been as snobbish as Rob and his friends. Honestly, those guys give me serious #friendgoals. Haha! Continue reading “Side 1s, Track 1s”


Goodbye, jerk.

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I used to have this shithead of a friend who was a shitty shithead from the beginning of our friendship. But I held on because I do that and I try to see the good in person – but in retrospect, she was a terror. The only good thing she offered to my life was introducing me to some bands that I still love today.

What’s sadder is that I realize that the description provided above could be applied to at least a handful of people who have come in and out of my life. God – I should have more self-respect and leave the assholes at the door.


Life is weird

My past has been haunting me the past 5 days or so. Specifically, Fall of 2009. Some of it has been intriguing and some downright nerve racking. Just wish I could make sense of it.

I’m a painfully nostalgic person and I’m always looking for signs of something so all of this has really been playing with my head. In the end, I’m sure it means nothing and I’m just wasting my time overthinking things.


Meow. Meow.

Apparently I broke the seal on posting blogs, so here’s another internet funny I came across.


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