I’ve found myself creating a list in my head recently of all my favorite movies. I would define a favorite movie as one that holds a special place in my heart for whatever reason. One that I’ve seen more than once (realistically more than 10 times). And one that I can turn on at any time of day, at any point in the film and be happy. WARNING: this list is not limited to “good” movies. It may in fact contain many critical flops. So there. Oh, and they’re in no particular order. If I could write them all in a cloud and allow them to float around so no one movie was on top, I would prefer to do that.

  • Clue – this was the first real movie I ever got addicted to. I used to watch it almost everyday after Kindergarten with my mom. The VHS was totally ruined, but we’d just forward though the shotty parts. I still know and recite most of the lines frequently. And I’ve passed my addiction on to my nephew and niece.
  • Royal TenenbaumsRushmoreFantastic Mr. Fox – these should all probably have their own lines, but I’ll lump them together as a “Wes Anderson” tribute. I love almost all his films, but these three (in order) take the cake. I could make an entirely separate list of all the awesome things about these movies and Wes’ movies, in general. Instead, I’ll just say that these are fabulous.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – such a great change to see Jim Carrey in a dramatic role and he pulls it off flawlessly. The story line is brilliant and painful – haven’t we all wanted the ability to erase someone from our thoughts and memories? I can’t watch this movie without feeling a million emotions and crying like a baby, but it’s so worth it. It’s so perfect.
  • Singles – I guess this movie defined a generation, but I’m not sure it was mine. I really identified with the “grunge” scene from the age of 11 or so, so a movie like this which brought a great storyline to the scene that I loved so much was much needed. And I loved that it showcased some of the musicians that I still love so greatly to this day – even if those musicians didn’t enjoy the movie process as much as I would have liked them to.
  • Anchorman – another one of those movies that I’ve been abnormally obsessed with. To connect to my previous post, I loved Anchorman long before it was the hip thing to love. Back in the day when the movie came out and I would quote it, people would give me that blank look of “wow, you like stupid humor,” to which I would reply – No, I LOVE stupid humor.
  • Away We Go – this movie is so perfect in so many ways. Like a Wes Anderson flick, it’s accompanied by a kick-ass soundtrack. I find this film to be painfully relatable at times, and downright hilarious at others.
  • High Fidelity – taught me that it was OK to be a music snob. And that relationships are fucked up and just don’t work the way we want them to.
  • The Hours – most people I know have a really hard time with this film but I think it’s so well made and well acted. And such a great concept to have the three story lines, in three different time periods happening simultaneously so you can clearly see the similarities between what’s going on in each place.
  • Into the Wild – one of my friends once left on a journey when he was 26 with only a bike and his thoughts. He’s about 31 now and still on that journey. I hear from him maybe once a year, maybe even less than that. This film always makes me think of him and all the wonderful and scary things he’s probably found out there. I hope he’s ok and he’s found whatever it is that he was looking for. And I hope he meets a fate less grim than Chris.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful – this is, was, and always has been my favorite John Hughes 80s flick, but it’s overlooked by most. Cute blue-collar-working wrong-side-of-the-tracks high school boy in love with the most popular and shallowest girl in school. So distracted by his obsession that he doesn’t notice his adorable tomboy best friend who’s in love with him. And in the end, he picks the tomboy! It’s like the story of my life, except the boy(s) never picked me in the end!
  • Heat – hands down the best heist movie ever with an insanely awesome cast.
  • Wonder Man, The Inspector General, The Court Jester (in that order) – growing up with super conservative, Indian parents, the safest thing to watch was older movies. Somehow we got stuck on these three Danny Kaye films and I still get giggly thinking back to them. And yes, I find myself quoting them with my sisters all the time.
  • Notting Hill – it got me through college (alongside Friends and Felicity). :)

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4 thoughts on “Favorites

    • Ahahaha!! I actually didn’t forget it. I just felt like I should only pick one – either Sliding Doors or Notting Hill. I don’t know why. It’s not like someone was going to judge the list. But you’re right – Notting Hill is a classic. How many times did we watch it in college! Consider the list revised. :)

      • Whew, I thought maybe you didn’t like it anymore! I was going to have to walk around the house depressed listening to Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone. I don’t know how many times we watched it, but let’s just say I think I still have all the lines memorized even after all these years! Thank you for revising the list. :)

      • I have to say – it was recently on TV and Ben gave me this look like “you’ve gotta be kidding” but I still sat there and watched the entire thing ohhing and ahhing the entire time. I swear, everytime I watch that movie, it’s like the first time. I love it!

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