I did it!

Last night for dinner, I made really amazing Trader Joe’s burgers with gooey swiss cheese & mushrooms sauteed with onions. They were really yummy. But even better than that – on the side I made the Zucchini Tots from a couple posts ago! Here’s the before & after:

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (1)

I gotta say, I think mine turned out looking a lot nicer than the original poster’s. Hehe. And they were pretty tasty! I cooked them for 16 minutes (8 on each side) at 375 degrees. I think now that I have the base down, next time I’ll spice them up a bit with a lot more seasoning. This time I ate them with Tapatio.

Oh and then, after dinner, we had these yummy Bar Gelato TCHO Chocolate bars for dessert (essentially a fancy, really creamy fudgsicle):

photo 3

The Idea Behind BFFs


Someone recently posted a link on Facebook to an article entitled What Being a BFF Means in Your 30s. The article outlines the changes we go through in our friendships from high school to college and then adult-life and for the most part I agreed with all of it. As you get older, you will have less friends, but they’ll be much more important. I remember when I was younger, and someone said this to me – I was terrified because at that time I much preferred the idea of more acquaintance-friends to fewer meaningful-friends. Obviously, like so many other things I had to grow up to realize (like the fact that one day I wouldn’t want to gouge my sister’s eyes out and might actually want her in my life), I am now at the point where I prefer fewer friends that are better at their job – the job of being a good friend.

I am totally guilty of throwing around the silly acronym BFF. Best friends forever. As an almost-33 year old woman, I really feel silly every time I say it. I feel like I’m trying to prove something – maybe to myself? Or to my friend? Or to whoever I’m describing the friendship to? Look at me, I have a best friend – so there! I realize I’m not that childish, but every time I utter those letters B…F…F a little part of my adulthood dies. What a silly label to have. If you are my “best friend forever” we shouldn’t really need to say that, right? There’s nothing to declare. It’s just what we are. But we’re  a society filled with labels and really motivated by competition – so you put those things together and what do you get? Best. Friends. For how long? Oh yeah, FOREVER. I’m the best and I win!

I have a handful of people in my life that actually meet the criteria of what a BFF should be; far fewer than the amount of people I call my BFF. Everyone defines friendship differently. For some people, it’s the person you go to clubs and drink with. For others, it’s someone you get your nails done and shop with. But for me – my closest friends are ones that I share history with. And to further that definition, I don’t mean history in terms of length of time. History is important moments in life where someone stood by my side and I by theirs. For me, the most meaningful friendships include trust and willingness to be open and honest. Unconditional love and understanding. Loyalty and commitment. Oddly enough, the ones who most fit that role, I rarely refer to as my BFF. They’re the ones that are just the best people in my life and treat me with an immense amount of respect and love, which I gladly and eagerly reciprocate. They’re the ones that don’t need titles because they know where they stand in my life and where I stand in theirs. They’re the ones that I see the least often, but when we reunite, no time has passed.

As I get older, I appreciate articles like this – not at all for what they say, because usually they just say a lot of frivolous nonsense (much like one of those people you call a BFF but don’t really deserve the title), but because they motivate me to spend a moment to reflect on my own life. I may not say it as often as I should, but I’m lucky to have the close friends that I do. I love them dearly and appreciate all the memories we’ve had and continue to make, even if it’s only once a year. And I didn’t touch on it all in this post, but I’m endlessly thankful to include a couple of my own sisters in my list of best friends – I know not all siblings have a relationship like ours and for that, I am truly blessed.

Panoramic New England

So I’m a little obsessed with the panorama photo feature on my iPhone. It takes such awesome photos, you’d be silly not to make use of it. Here’s a small collection of some of the New England ones.

The view from the deck on the Lewis Harbor houseboat in Boston:


City Forest in Bangor, Maine:

Bar Island in Bar Habor, Maine:

Us at The Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor, Maine:

The view from Cadillac Mountain at Arcadia National Forest on Mount Desert Island in Maine:


Fenway Park in Boston:

Bar Harbor, Maine: IMG_1596