Busy Times = Quick Post

I’ve been busy and not just normal, heavy to-do lists kinda busy. But like, really busy. Between last minute wedding planning (the big day is 5 days away!) and a work trip to Denver, followed by one to LA, and then being in PERU last week for work…well, I’ve been swamped. But here a few of my favorite shots from Peru:

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Love you always


From my Facebook:

I woke up uneasy this morning, realizing that the anniversary of Pooter’s death fell on the same day Robin Williams died. I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions over the past couple of days but needed to take a moment to remember Poots. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. On a daily basis I find myself deleting pictures off my phone to save space, but I’ve yet to delete any of yours. I carry you with me in so many ways – on my keychain, pictures throughout our home, a tattoo on my back. You are missed constantly, and I know that wherever you are…you are acting like the little stinker you always were and frustrating the hell out of everyone around you. And honestly, I’d give anything for just a moment of that back.

You definitely wore it better.


The past two days have been bizarrely difficult. I’m generally not someone who mourns celebrities to any length. But Robin Williams’ death really knocked me on my ass. I don’t know why. While my sister used to work at his annual Thanksgiving celebration, I really have no connection to Robin Williams outside of being a fan of his film, tv & stand-up comedy work.

I remember being a fan from a really young age. My family watched Mork & Mindy when I was young. And I remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poet’s SocietyHook, Jack & Father’s Day often throughout my youth. We didn’t have cable and those movies aired regularly on basic channels. I guess when I was younger, I was almost a forced fan because of the lack of options. As I got older, I realized that wasn’t the case. I really love Robin Williams’ films. They make me happy, sad and maybe even a little scared at times. But he was so phenomenal and I truly believe that we lost one of the greatest talents that we’ve ever known. His acting range was pretty ridiculous – which I mean in the best and most respectful way. I hope he’s found peace and is somewhere filled with an overwhelming amount of happiness. RIP, Captain

I did it!

Last night for dinner, I made really amazing Trader Joe’s burgers with gooey swiss cheese & mushrooms sauteed with onions. They were really yummy. But even better than that – on the side I made the Zucchini Tots from a couple posts ago! Here’s the before & after:

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (1)

I gotta say, I think mine turned out looking a lot nicer than the original poster’s. Hehe. And they were pretty tasty! I cooked them for 16 minutes (8 on each side) at 375 degrees. I think now that I have the base down, next time I’ll spice them up a bit with a lot more seasoning. This time I ate them with Tapatio.

Oh and then, after dinner, we had these yummy Bar Gelato TCHO Chocolate bars for dessert (essentially a fancy, really creamy fudgsicle):

photo 3